About us

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

André Gide

We aren’t afraid of losing sight of the shore that is behind because we will surely see the new one ahead.

Our clients are discovering seas, oceans, and islands, countries, companies, universities, cooperatives, farms, and new ideas for their business. We broaden our business and travel horizons together with them.

Founder Story

Travelite MICE&Travel Ukraine  was set up by Roman Grynyshyn in 2017, who started his career in agriculture as a project coordinator in Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs in Ukraine (CNFA) in 2007. The company was an implementor of a FarmertoFarmer program funded by USAID. In 2008, the project funding was closed, and the whole Ukrainian team continued as a private business.

Since 2008, Roman has accompanied over 40 groups of Ukrainian farmers to other countries (the USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, China, New Zealand).

What we do

Since 2017, Travelite MICE&Travel Ukraine has been providing services in business travel and organization of events for different industries, such as medicine, woodwork, trade, finances, IT, but the major segment still remains Agriculture.

We are not the only company that provides entertaining agricultural networking tours for Ukrainian farmers. That is easy! However, the priority for Travelite MICE&Travel Ukraine is to provide access to professional deeply detailed technical information on agricultural topics, including crops production, processing, marketing, and trade. That’s where the challenge is and we gladly face it.

Our aim  is to keep pace with the needs of a fast developing agricultural industry and look for new, advanced solutions in order to deliver them to agricultural producers.

Since the first agricultural tour to the US, accompanied by Roman in 2008, when Precision Farming and minimum tillage were unfamiliar for the participants, the agricultural industry in Ukraine has grown significantly.

Nowadays, it is much harder to astonish Ukrainian producers with some new technologies or practices. Hardly having any agricultural science in Ukraine, the fast-growing ag industry is striving for advanced technologies and gladly implements them in practice.

What we have done in 2019:


States, provinces, islands visited

We discovered new agricultural destinations, namely Canada and New Zealand. We also included the islands of Morea, Tahiti, Hawaii, and Bora Bora into our networking portfolio.


Farmers and producers traveled with us

In 2019, we have taken 12 groups abroad. Our participants had the opportunity to get a deep insight into the latest agricultural productional and processing technologies.


Participants were involved into agri events, organised by Travelite

We organized two powerful soil science events in Ukraine, which united more than 250 participants. 

Our mission

Connect to the initial source of information, learn from it, and grow!

We are striving to improve agricultural businesses with connections, education, and customer intelligence. We constantly communicate with agricultural industries of different countries and clearly understand what our clients want and how to satisfy their needs with the most reputable sources of information that they are looking for.

We organize more than just meetings and travels: we help meet companies and people from different continents and assist in sharing unbiased knowledge and experience!

Our partners

Agricultural Expedition to Ukraine

The purpose of the Agricultural Expedition is to show an insight of the farming industry of one of the most agricultural countries in the world – Ukraine. The agri experience during the tour will consist of a number of 2-3 hour visits with the facilities involved in agricultural production in various regions of the country. The group, accompanied by a coordinator/interpreter and a driver, will tour the facilities and directly communicate with the managers or the owners of the enterprises.

“With us you learn while traveling lightly and with benefit!”